See how to get rid of debt quickly in 7 steps

Have doubts been disturbing your sleep lately? Believe,  Is it possible to quit them faster than you? think. To get rid of the debts, do you? you will need a lot of discipline, focus on the goal and willingness to “cut into the flesh”. Does that mean cutting nodes? the superfluous in the budget, but also items considered essential, because no one will die for giving them up for a while. So, you want to know how to get out of debt quickly? continue reading these 7 steps we have prepared for you. 


Involve the family in the mission

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Hold a family meeting, expose the problem, ask for suggestions. Always be? someone with a good idea that you hadn’t considered it before. If everyone in the family works, try to distribute responsibility for paying bills. One takes care of the light, another of the water, another of the telephone and so on. Are you? you will see how the bills go down as if by a miracle: whoever pays the electric bill will never leave a light on unnecessarily, whoever pays for the water will cut down on bath time and why? go.


Get rid of high interest

Start with higher interest loans like overdraft and credit card. Inquire with the bank about lines of credit with lower interest rates and exchange an expensive debt. for another with interest? more into account. An example? make a consigned credit to cover the credit card and overdraft, which are the champions of high interest rates. Some employee associations or cooperatives offer special interest loans to members. Find out about your company!


Negotiate terms and ask for discounts

The next step to get rid of doubts? seek out your creditors, ask for discounts and try to renegotiate terms and installments. Creditors can be flexible, especially in the case of old debts and difficult to receive, because for them? It is more advantageous to recover the money in installments and in the long term than not receiving it at all.


Cut expenses

Analyze the household budget with the family and see how many expenses can be cut. You can just give up the gym and go for a walk outdoors in the park. The prefectures of many cities offer gyms in squares and rental bicycles, enjoy! Instead of going out to dinner, invite friends over for a gastronomic evening at home: once a week, someone goes into the kitchen to create different dishes to surprise the crowd. The weekend movie can be at home. The crowd brings wine or beer and everyone watches a good movie together. You do not need to give up leisure, use creativity!


Generate revenue

See in the closets how much is in it unused  more than a year. Separate everything that the family does not need and advertise on sales sites. Or, make a bazaar at home and sell it to friends and acquaintances. Your aunt who is going to travel to a cold place may be in need of exactly that coat she is wearing? cluttering your closet. The advantage for both sides. Making cakes and sweets to sell, giving private lessons or consulting, walking your neighbor’s dog, renting a spare room, h? several ways to generate revenue, many without leaving home. Use your creativity to earn extra money! 


Keep accounts under permanent control

There are “great” apps to track your bills and spending. monitors bank transactions, does financial planning and keeps track of income and expenses directly from the cell phone. An automatic option? the Good Lenders itself. End the excuse that you didn’t know how much you had in the bank before making that impulse purchase.


Have fun going forward

Have fun going forward

After,  he discovered how to get rid of his debts quickly and regained control of his budget, one last recommendation: learn the lesson and do not go into the red again. Nothing better than to put your head on the pillow and sleep peacefully without worrying about debts. And don’t forget to share our post on your social networks. Other people interested in getting rid of debts will also enjoy reading! 

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